Traveling the Philippines and avoiding the scams

Landed in Manila and caught a 45 min flight to Caticlan (Boracay). After finally landing in Caticlan airport (14 March 2017), we finally headed to Caticlan Jetty Port to catch a short boat ride to Boracay Island. Having a local security officer with a gun trying to pressure us into buying a 600 pesos ticket (as soon as we got out of Caticlan airport) to transfer all the way to the Boracay Island! We decided against it, and walked to the terminal 10 mins away and bought a ticket there for 25 pesos.


I was surprised that we also needed to pay terminal fees which eventually took the total spend for crossing on the boat to 200 pesos (this of course only applied to foreigners).

Having now arrived on the island it was just a 15 min tok tok ride away to get to the hotel where we paid 500 pesos a night for a private room.




Things to do In Boracay 

Beach (Fire shows at night)

Bat Cave

D mall (shopping/eating/drinking)

Party hostels (mad monkey hostel/ Friendz Resort)

Night life (Cafe Del Mare/ Club Manila/coco bar)

Mount Luho View point


Boracay is well known for its vibrant, seven days a week nightlife. There are many different nightlife venues to choose from – from wild parties, to bars, to lounges with live music…

Most clubs in Boracay really start getting busy around 12:00 midnight, most people moving from bars to clubs.

The music they play varies, none of them play the same style of music. If you prefer a certain kind of music it’s best to check out the Facebook pages of the clubs. There you can often see what they will be playing.













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