How Cheap is North India to backpack?


Having been in India for the past 4 weeks I wanted to share with you the costs of my daily spending during my time here.

I was told that you can live on a single dollar a day here!

Well folk’s don’t believe everything you hear. So far on average a day I’m living on $15 US dollars a day Average. This does Including 3 meals out and accommodations.

Breakdown daily-


Accommodation – Hindustan backpacker heaven $7

Airport to Hostel by taxi $8 (my friend tell’s me the train is cheap at $1usd)

Fresh Lemon juice street stand $0.50

Food at a local place in the evening $2.30

Day Spend =$17.80



Day 2 Train from New Delhi to Rishikesh (6 Hours)

We stayed the first night in Hindustan Hostel very close to the train station as we was planing on leaving early the following day, So we booked the train ticket at the train station to Rishikesh costing $2.70 for none a/c.

The train available left at 15:00 so we had a hold day spare in New Delhi so we decided to visit Akshardham Hindu temple. We booked a return train ticket for $1 We needed allot of guidance from the locals people to make this journey, there is an Indian train app that would make life easier had we downloaded it before hand.

The train we Booked did not go straight to Rishikesh and went to Haridwar from there we booked a tricycle taxi to Rishikesh costing $8 split between two.

Accommodation –  Mustache hostel $4

Dinner $2.30

Day Spend =$13


Day 3 Rishikesh

Accommodation –  Mustache hostel $4

Found a local place called frog restaurant and it had many tasty cheap meals there.

Breakfast In Frog local cafe $1 for Spinache mushroom & poached eggs. Milk Coffee Was $0.50

Free water refills at Mustache hostel was great. Otherwise a 2L bottle of water cost $0.5

Lunch In the Freedom Cafe which was more touristic place would cost on average $3.50

Dinner In Beetles Cafe another touristic spot by the river would cost $1.60 for a milkshake and a burger would cost $3.50

Day Spend =$14.60



Day 4 Rishikesh to Dharmsala Bus $13.50 (14 hours semi Sleeper) 

Accommodation –  Pink Guest house private room $10 split between two $5

Breakfast  $2.70

Lunch $3.5

Dinner $3

2L Water bottle daily $0.5

Day spend =14.70



Day 5 Dharmsala to Manali Bus $13 (7 hours semi sleeper)

Accommodation –  Old Manali Zostel $7

Activity – Rohtang pass Drive $12

Breakfast  $3

Lunch $2

Dinner $4.50

Day spend =$28.50



Day 6 Manali To Kasol  buses $2 (5 hours three different local buses)

Accommodation – Local guest house $5.50

Breakfast $2

Lunch $3.5

Dinner $2.5

Day spend =$13.50




Day 7 Kasol to Agra bus $25 (12 hours to New Delhi then local bus 4 hours to Agra $4)

Accommodation – Zostel $5

Breakfast – $3

Lunch – $2

Dinner – $3

Site seeing Taj Mahal – $15

Day Spend =$28



Day 8 Agra To Jaipur $2.5 (4.5 hours local bus)   

Accommodation – Hoztel $3

Breakfast – $3

Lunch – $2

Dinner – $3

Day Spend = $11



Day 9 Jaipur to Pushkar $4 (4 hours bus)

Accommodation – The Madpackers $7

Breakfast – included

Lunch – $2

Dinner $3

Day Spend = $12




I think if you budget for $20 a day you’ll be traveling in India comfortably, I know its possible to spend less then I have been but this is my daily living costs! If you don’t move or eat out in restaurants as often as me, it can get much cheaper. The food in India is really amazing, enjoy it 😉











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