Every Venue is unique!

Professional photos help guests visualize unique spaces and help you showcase your property. I loves photography that captures Resorts in a natural way. The goal of my photography is to set correct expectations for your guests, rather than make the place appear brighter or larger than reality.

I offer different packages to tailor for a variety of diverse shoots from shooting food to luxurious architectural photos.

My Services include;

  • Interiors, exteriors, surrounding areas, aerial drone, facilities, lobby, restaurant, food & beverage, lifestyle and staff portrait photos.



  • Able and flexible to go above and beyond to create stunning imagery to represent your business in the best light.
  • Retouch raw files to meet Professional photography standards.
  • Upload retouched high res jpgs
  • Professional-grade DSLR camera with full frame sensor & resolution of 16-42mp
  • Strong interpersonal and customer service skills, as well as the ability to maintain a professional demeanor when interacting with host.
  • Well-organized, with an attention to detail and strong follow-up skills
  • Receptive and accommodating to constructive feedback from clients.
  • Ability to adapt to a rapidly changing environment and embrace the adventure!

Prices Packages below do not include travel fees:

Classical Package

1 Day on site


25-45  high quality images

1 Featured images  retouched on photoshop

Pictures delivered online 10 days

Professional  Package

2 day on site


75-100 high quality images

3 featured images retouched on photoshop

Pictures delivered 10 days

Ultimate package

3  days on site


120-145 high quality images

8 featured images retouched on photoshop

Pictures delivered 10 days

***Please Note: Additional featured images retouching:  Costs at least $50 per hour (day to dusk, high end, background enhancement, big objects removal).

Tips to consider before Shooting Day

Things to arrange before the photo shoot takes place:

1. Plan which rooms are to be photographed and book them so that they are vacant and ensure that they are well cleaned (including clean windows).

2. Take care that the conference rooms are well cleaned and that the curtains are arranged nicely and so forth.

3. Think about what is unique for this hotel in particular. Are there any details/special feature that you would like to have photographed?

4. Plan how to add human presence without having actual people in the images. Do not overdecorate but add. See “How to add human presence” section.

5. Also plan where it could be suitable to arrange small still life features/close ups to add emotion to the mix of images.

6. Do not add “unnatural” features, if it is not typical to have flowers in the reception then don’t put them there now.


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