This page is all about how to travel, most people don’t have the time to go away with so many commitment and other worldly expectations put on them such as education, career, marriage etc just to name a few but realy  you can create your own dreams.

First rule for travel is money, no money no honey! Forget going anywhere unless your contemplating on working abroad. You need to save up!

Wait don’t tell me you cannot save money at the end of the month that’s just total nonsense, you have money for cigarettes, beer, partying, dinners at restaurants, cloathes, shoes, bag, iPhone, makeup etc? If you smoke quit! If your drinking all the time stop, if your having meals out cut back and bring your own sandwiches, it’s that simple. Make sacrifices other wise just stop reading here and go back to your Facebook.

Talk about your plans to friends and family, speak those ideas and desires into life! I talked about traveling for almost 2 years before I got the opportunity of a life time! My biggest problem became…where do I start? The world is a big place right.

Anyway I went to STA travel (travel agent) and picked out a few leaflets and booklets of different regions of the world. I was reading them while being at work at tea breaks and lunch time only obviously. I was trying to plan my big trip and it was a big headache as I really didn’t know where to go or what to expect, after all I never been away from home for more then a month maximum.

To be continued