The Ultimate one week Itinerary in Seychelles picture guide

Day 3 Praslin Island To La Digue via ferry

The ferry from Praslin to La Digue takes less than 30 mins

The boat schedule to La Digue

Day 4 La Digue To Mahe Island

Take the ferry back to Praslin Island And head to the airport or via another ferry taking approximately 2 hours

We arrived late evening to the stunning private Villa in Mahe.

We spent the rest of our remaining days on Mahe Island

Day 5 Mahe Island Anse Petite Beach day

We spent the day relaxing and also snorkeling on the beach

Day 6 Mahe Island beach hopping

We decided to use the car and explore some of the Island other beaches recommended to us by locals

The first stop was Anse Soleil Beach

We then visited Baie Lazare beach

Last beach we went to on this day was Anse Intendance beach and was easily one of my favorite beaches but they all were pretty amazing to be fair

Day 7 The finale day of the trip in Seychelles

After spending some of the morning in Anse petite beach we decided to take a drive to the north side of the Island. Our evening flights back to London were at 11:55pm so we had lots of time left to enjoy.

We drove to Anse Royale beach for a quick look and some drone shots

After that we went all the way north of the Island to Beau Vallon Beach I was not impressed with the beach after what I’ve seen in the south but the drive was pretty amazing and sometimes its not about the destination but the journey.

On the way back we drove to Grand Anse Beach there we saw many crabs and locals enjoying the beach

Anse Petit beach below

Having a car in Both Islands Mahe and Praslin was essential in order for us to maximize our time on the island and also giving us the freedom to explore and is probably a must have. Taxi on the island is very expensive

The last sunset we witnessed before leaving Seychelles Island

Please let me know if you have any questions

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